Test Drive the Vormetric Data Security Platform for AWS
Data Encryption with Privileged User Access Controls

Not so long ago, it was much easier to protect your data. The boundaries were clear and there were limited ways in. Data came in from IT-approved, enterprise-controlled devices and applications. It lived on your servers and storage arrays. It was protected by walling off the outsiders and keeping an eye on your insiders. Now you are moving sensitive data outside of your control, away from the insiders you know, and storing it in AWS.

Since data has no natural defenses—it can’t fly away, grow teeth or fire a round of ammunition—it requires protection that’s as close to it as possible. Which is precisely what Vormetric provides. Trusted by businesses and governments for over a decade, Vormetric’s data-centric security architecture is currently busy securing the data of over 1,400 global customers—including 17 of the Fortune 25. The Vormetric Data Security Platform addresses industry and government regulations, secures virtual and cloud-based environments and—most important of all—drastically reduces the attack surface of data through strong encryption, privileged user access control and collecting security intelligence on who is accessing your data.

Test Drive the Vormetric Transparent Encryption for AWS to experience how easy it is to secure and control your data in AWS.

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The security of our customers’ data is our top priority. We work closely with security partners like Vormetric to provide customers of all sizes enhanced security solutions that complement our existing AWS security features.

Terry Wise,
Director, Worldwide Partner
Amazon Web Services.

Secure Your AWS Instances with Vormetric Transparent Encryption